An OBGYN girl next-door and an FBI agent… opposites attract or a match turned deadly?

Coming May 21 2019

Limitless Publishing


“Don’t underestimate me. I could be black belt. Or an amazing shooter with a hidden weapon underneath my scrubs.”


“You know those karate moves they show on TV? I’ve got them perfected—at least in my mind.”

“Shit. Hope he didn’t see me ogling him. Wait, not ogling. Cautiously examining my enemy.”


“I could try my bad-ass skills, of course, but sometimes there’s another way to whim men into submission. Napoleon cake.”

Emilia Hughes isn’t what you’d call ‘bad-ass.’ An awkward obstetrician whose idea of a fun weekend means homemade meals and movies in bed, she’s an unlikely match for FBI agent Kai Evans. After their cute meet when Emilia steps in to protect a young mother from a street thug, her life takes a sharp turn from the steady, predictable existence into the world of danger.

What starts with the suspicious coincidence of delivering the grandchild of the jewelry magnate investigated by her new boyfriend follows by her kidnapping to take care of the baby. When Emilia gets drawn in the middle of the high-profile investigation, she has no choice but to become bad-ass, even if her way includes spandex-assisted bungee jumping, jeans' acrobatics, and using Napoleon cake as a negotiation technique.

When Kai disappears, she has no choice but to join forces with Taylor Moore. The man who used to be Kai’s FBI partner until a botched up mission that left the woman they both loved dead and Taylor in prison, Taylor is the last person Kai would want her near. There’s lots of bad blood between the two men, and revenge is sweet when Taylor gets up-close and personal with Emilia and uses her as a weapon to get back at Kai. Unfortunately, after Kai’s rescue goes awry, the unlikely collaboration between the ex-con and the OBGYN with her own unconventional set of tricks is the only way to stay alive.